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Air Supported Belt Conveyors are most suitable conveyors for conveying wet / dry bagasse, raw cane, shredded cane, sugar, husk, gravel, coal etc. The principal of conveying system is based on a thin air film below the rubber belt, which reduces the friction between the belt and trough. The air is supplied by a fan which discharges the air into a plenum underneath the belt. The required power for conveying the product reduces drastically (approx 30%) as the system avoids all conveying rollers, return rollers & guide rollers. The Air Supported Belt conveying system reduces power consumption, as well as there is a huge reduction in installation, maintenance, operation & store inventory costs. These conveyors however, require particular attention towards two areas during assembly:

  • The air supported belt seals must be airtight, otherwise due to the air leakage the conveyor will not function properly.
  • The intermediate sections must be perfectly aligned and load must be centred on the belt as there are no troughing idlers to guide the belt.

It is possible to install Air Supported Belt Conveyor with an angle of inclination up to 25 degree depending on product features. In traditional Belt Conveyors supported on rollers, inclination limits up to 16 degree angle and above this angle product starts rolling / slipping.

  • Air Supported Belt Conveyor requires less space to install.
  • Belt length required is less in comparison to traditional conveyors.
  • Modular construction and easy to install.
  • Minimal friction and steeper inclination results in less power consumption.
  • Fewer rotating components minimize maintenance and store inventory and maximize the personnel safety.
  • Can be operated at speed, higher than traditional conveyors.
  • Specially manufactured rubber belt reduces its weight and cost, without affecting its life.
  • Stainless steel construction improves equipment life & product quality.
  • Noise pollution level is very less.
  • Light weight of equipment reduces steel structure and civil cost.
  • Huge reduction in installation and civil costs.
  • Totally enclosed conveying section to eliminate contamination from environment as well as dust emission from conveying material keeping clean surroundings.
  • Diverse applicability.