Finned Tube Heat Exchangers / Radiators

Finned Tube Heaters are generally used when gas is used as a working medium as the heat transfer capability in case of gases is poor due to low density and thermal conductivity.

SED Finned Tube Heaters:

The heart of any extended surface heat exchanger is the finned tubes which should have highly effective performance and form a compact design. So we have optimally designed the extended surface heat exchanger with maximum efficiency.

Special Features:
  • Simple & compact equipment design.
  • Modular design with:
  • Very easy cleaning instead of having a number of passes.
  • Flexibility to increase the heating surface as per requirement.
  • Very easy to dismantle.
  • Non Corrosive and rugged material of construction.
  • Fin material - Aluminum fins.
  • Tube material - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper etc. as per end-use requirement.
  • Optimized fin area with improved heat transfer coefficient.
  • Fewer shutdowns for maintenance due to long life of heaters.
Application Notes

SED extruded finned tubes heaters can be used for various heat exchange applications e.g. Air / Gas Cooling, Air / Gas Heating, Fluid Cooling, Fluid Heating etc.

Industries where applicable:

Sugar, Food, Chemical, Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Paper, Textile, Petrochemical, and several other applications.