Jet Condenser
Multi-Jet Multi-Spray Condenser/ Jet Condenser

Our Multi-jet Multi-spray Condensers are optimally designed as per the air / vapour load and velocity to avoid pressure losses and better condensation. They consists of multiple Spray and Jet Nozzles divided in different stages. Spray Nozzles disperse water mainly for condensation of vapours. Jet Nozzles evacuate non-condensable gases and air by entrainment it with water flowing at high velocity through the tail pipe to maintain vacuum.

Type of condenser:
  • Single / Multi entry Multi-jet Multi-spray condenser
Material of construction:
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel & Engineering Thermoplastics.
Nozzle design & arrangement:
  • Hydro-dynamically designed jet nozzles made of engineering thermoplastics.
  • Nozzles are categorized into stages, where the number of operational stages depend upon the air / vapour load.
Lesser power and water consumption:
  • Perfect combination of spray and jet nozzles for high capacity vapours / air entrainment.
  • Low pumping head requirement.
  • Smooth operation in hot and humid conditions.
Air evacuation system with better air leak management:
  • Provision for additional air evacuation for better air leak management. There is no requirement of any vacuum pump.
Maintenance Requirement:
  • Stainless Steel Strainer with an online cleaning mechanism without breaking the vacuum eliminating the chance of clogging of nozzles by any foreign material.
  • Hinged door manhole provided for convenient & fast maintenance. Also hand-hole & top cover facility for cleaning and maintenance of the jet & spray nozzles respectively.